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CTIA Day 2: Hands on everything

We get our hands on just about every phone we see, and ask more than one exec some hard questions.

The interesting thing about CTIA's fall show is that you never know what you're going to get. We all expected it to be small this year, and it is, but it turned out far busier than we imagined. (Here's a look at Day 1.)

Ever since Google and Samsung pulled out of their big, not-so-secret secret event, we expected a quiet--and frankly boring--show. Instead, Nicole and I wound up shooting 16 videos last night and spent all of today getting you our photos and first impressions. In the meantime, Roger ran around like an interviewing machine. Here's what Day 2 offered:

Stick around for Day 3, when we stalk the show floor looking for the weird and wonderful, and pull it all together.