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Cross-platform Linux-Win32 virus reported

Cross-platform Linux-Win32 virus reported

Antivirus vendor Kaspersky reports that it has seen a new cross-platform virus, dubbed Virus.Linux.Bi.a/Virus.Win32.Bi.a. According to the Russian antivirus vendor, this virus is "capable of infecting the different file formats used by Linux and Windows--ELF and PE format files, respectively." But fear not: Kaspersky emphasizes that Virus.Linux.Bi.a/Virus.Win32.Bi.a is a classic proof-of-concept virus, submitted directly to Kaspersky's labs and not found in the wild. Still, with all the fuss being made about Windows XP (and possibly Linux) running on Intel-based Macs, could a Mac-Win32 proof-of-concept virus be far behind?