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Cricket Wireless plans to launch 10 phones by October

The no-contract wireless carrier may be having a slow CTIA, but the summer and fall months will heat up, all right.

Huawei Mercury
The Huawei Mercury for Cricket will soon have more friends. Huawei

NEW ORLEANS--Cricket's booth was a still, calm field of familiar phones here at CTIA, but come summer, things will be chirping once more for the prepaid carrier.

Between July 31 and October, Cricket plans to launch "upwards of 10 devices," according to Cricket spokesman Greg Lund. You can bet a fair number of them will feature the all-you-can-download Muve Music plan.

In addition to new hardware comes new rate plans for smartphones and data devices. Look for terms to change in midsummer for broadband and in August for wireless. Lund hinted that the services could expand while prices stay about the same.

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