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Cool.Prepaid may be uncool

Cool.Prepaid may be uncool

Just a week or so ago, a new prepaid service MVNO from Cingular called Cool.Prepaid was launched, and its big claim to fame was offering high-end phones for low-end prices (around 10 cents per minute and 30 cents per day). It formed a tight partnership with Motorola to offer exclusively Motorola phones, including the popular Razr and Slvr models. It all seemed too good to be true, and a couple of days ago, we found out it probably was. Motorola has confirmed it has terminated its relationship with Cool.Prepaid, even as its launch models sit on store shelves. Now, Cool.Prepaid says it wants to sell prepaid SIM cards to customers with unlocked GSM phones, which could be handy for international travelers. Even this venture seems to be sketchy, however, as unlocked phones aren't too popular here in the States. Besides, having no handsets for sale is generally not a good thing for a wireless carrier, even if it is an MVNO. Maybe MVNOs aren't such a good idea after all.

Source: Engadget Mobile and PhoneScoop