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Concept, work of art, or self-indulgence gone wild?

Concept, work of art, or self-indulgence gone wild?

The Geneva Auto Show features a lot of smaller companies showing off innovative design work, using engines and other parts from bigger, more well-known carmakers, but a.d. Tramontana blew me away with the most outlandish design of the show. If the Tramontana were from one of the big carmakers, it would be a concept, but a.d. Tramontana is presenting this car as something that will be put into production. With front wheels mounted on struts and a large, rear-mounted engine, the Tramontana borrows its basic body shape from Formula One racers. But it also borrows its cockpit from jet fighters, with two seats fore and aft covered by a canopy. It adds wood paneling on the sides of the nose, which is either a nod to Country Squire station wagons or Chris Craft runabouts. But really, this car is no joke. Its V-12 makes 720 horsepower, getting it to 62mph in about 4 seconds and putting its top speed at about 186mph.