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CNET UK Podcast 549: The 2018 year in tech, movies and Taylor Swift

We take a look back at 2018's most exciting tech stories from Apple's biggest launches to Zuckerberg's troubles with Parliament.

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Ho Ho Hold on a minute, is it really time for a Christmas episode? Of course!

We bring 2018 to a close with a bumper episode where we look back on the most exciting tech topics of the year. Andy waxes lyrical about Apple, Samsung and Huawei of course, while Katie chats about Mark Zuckerberg's troubles with the UK parliament. Oh, Katie also talks about Taylor Swift

Rich is fully film-focussed as always, however, bringing us his top picks of the year, plus the shows to skip over Christmas.

All of this fun and merriment is soundtracked by the sounds of the happy trio scoffing their way through most of Marks & Spencer's line of Christmas snacks. It's a delicious way to end the year.

Andy really wants you to read his and Katie's Vanlife feature, while Katie also wants you to check out her piece about the Netflix show Dogs

CNET UK podcast 549

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