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Cisco sees double in optical strategy

The company touts two new optical systems for metropolitan networks, both part of a push to woo businesses in the telecommunications field.

Cisco Systems on Monday introduced two new optical systems for metropolitan networks.

Both are part of the company's COMET (Complete Optical Multiservice Edge and Transport) strategy, made up of numerous products aimed at business customers. Cisco has been targeting businesses in the telecommunications field despite continuing declines in the market for optical equipment.

The ONS 15454 SDH Multiservice Provisioning Platform (MSPP) is designed to improve the delivery of voice, video, and data services by making the equipment more flexible, allowing each connection--or wavelength--to transport all kinds of data.

The product will simplify optical networks by eliminating the need for several separate pieces of equipment. It will have an added advantage for international service providers by putting three optical technologies in one system, Cisco said. Commonly used optical technology Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and corporate Ethernet technologies are combined with European technologies, so Cisco's equipment can be sold internationally.

Cisco announced that a Swiss company, Elektrizitaet Werk Kanton Thurgau, will use the product in its network. The company, which supplies and distributes electricity to businesses, provides voice and data services.

Separately, Cisco introduced another line of optical gear. The new Cisco ONS 15530 is intended to help businesses manage capacity on their optical networks, Cisco said. The Cisco ONS 15530 will be able to aggregate up to 40 data connections over a single optical wavelength, something that should save Cisco customers money and allow for new applications, the company said.

The base Cisco ONS 15530 system will be available in July for $54,000. The company did not release pricing or availability for the ONS 15454.