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Cisco goes to bat for new Yankee Stadium

Networking gear maker is apparently working with the New York Yankees to offer fans high-tech features in the team's new $1.3 billion stadium.

Cisco Systems is apparently teaming up with the New York Yankees to offer fans high-tech features in the new $1.3 billion Yankee Stadium.

Cisco CEO John Chambers and Yankees co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner are expected to dig into specific details of the partnership during a news conference at 10 a.m. EST Tuesday in New York, according to a Yankees media advisory.

The event will unveil "new fan-facing technologies" for the site, according to the advisory.

It could be a precursor of what Cisco has in mind for Cisco Field, a stadium project in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Fremont that is expected to become the future home of the Oakland Athletics. San Jose, Calif.-based Cisco announced in 2006 that it had that would include housing, restaurants, and shops.

Some of the technologies planned for Cisco Field include wireless access to allow fans at the park to use handheld devices to watch replays, keep score, and purchase tickets and concessions.

While construction details for Cisco Field have yet to be finalized, the new Yankee Stadium is expected to be completed in time for the 2009 season.