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Chevy Tahoe fleet promotes corn-based fuel

Chevy Tahoe fleet promotes corn-based fuel

Walking to Jacob Javitz Center on Thursday morning for the New York Auto Show, I came across the most Chevy Tahoes I've ever seen in one place, all parked right at the front entrance. All the cars were black, and all had a sign saying livegreen in the back window. (That's, if you want to follow the link.) I surmised that Chevy brought this fleet out to promote its flexible fuel vehicles that can run on E85 fuel, a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, and offer ride-alongs so that people can feel what it's like to drive in a car running on mostly corn. On the show floor, GM promotes that it has the most flexible fuel vehicles of any automaker. GM is putting a huge effort behind its campaign, touting that ethanol can be produced from corn grown in the United States, reducing our dependence on oil imports. The E85 fuel mixed from domestically produced corn also causes substantially less pollution. Growing our own fuel and polluting less are all major wins, but it has been pointed out that ethanol doesn't have the same energy capacity as gasoline, and we couldn't grown enough corn for every car to run on E85.