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Checking out the Samsung Sunburst and Strive

LAS VEGAS--Samsung released the Strive and Sunburst phones a week before CTIA, but the show provided us our first opportunity to examine them closely. The two AT&T handsets are focused on messaging and offer fairly standard designs. They also support AT&T's new cloud-based services like AT&T Address Book and AT&T Mobile Share.

The Strive is a slider phone with a full alphabet keybaord. It comes in black and purple versions. The display is not a touch screen, so you'll need to reply on the standard navigation controls. The handset feels comfortable in the hand, though the keyboard is a tad cramped.

The Sunburst is a touch-screen device with just a few physical navigation buttons. The 3-inch screen is smaller than we'd like for a touch screen, but the handset appears to be relatively user-friendly. You'll use the touch screen for making calls and sending messages.

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