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CES 2019: Imax Enhanced digital movies to be exclusive to FandangoNow

The new high-end video format will be available on the store later in 2019.


Imax Enhanced digital movies are coming exclusively to the FandangoNow video-on-demand service in the US in 2019.

The higher-end format will play best on equipment that is also certified as Imax Enhanced. Imax Enhanced gear could adjust the video's audio mix and aspect ratio with the aim of making your home viewing experience more like watching a movie on an Imax screen. You can find out more about the Imax Enhanced format with our explainer.

Cameron Douglas, the head of FandangoNow, said in the Monday announcement at CES 2019 that the movie store is working with Imax and DTS toward bringing the films to its digital storefront. They're are expected to be available later in 2019.

"We are thrilled to be collaborating with Imax and DTS to serve as the exclusive digital retailer in the US for Imax Enhanced content releasing later this year, helping consumers access premium 4K HDR content as the filmmaker intended in the home," Douglas said.

The Imax Enhanced news is the latest digital movie store announcement in the past year. Previously we've seen Google Play Movies upgrading previously purchased movies to 4K and Sunday's news that iTunes movies will be available on Samsung televisions.

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