Google Play is upgrading previously purchased movies to 4K for free

4K movies on Google's platform now cost less, too

Sean Buckley Social Media Producer

Google Play Movies announced that customers' movie libraries are getting automatic upgrades to 4K resolution where available.


Buying movies these days comes with a heavy burden of choice. Do you opt for a disc, or go digital? If you are buying digitally, do you save money and pick up the HD or standard definition version, or step up to the UHD version to make the most of your 4K TV? The difference can be expensive -- but Google just made the choice a lot easier: Google Play customers in the US and Canada who have purchased movies in SD or HD will given the 4K versions for free when they become available.

Specifically, Google says that whenever 4K titles are available from participating studios, they'll automatically make them available to customers who have purchased those movies in other formats -- even if they only bought the standard definition version.

On top of that, Google is also cutting prices for 4K movies on the platform. Before, some 4K films could cost as much as $30 each, but now most of the top 4K titles on Google Play are listed between $9.99 and $19.99. Finally, the company says that owners of 4K Sony Bravia and Samsung Smart TVs should be able to directly stream these titles via the native Play Movies & TV app.

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