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Casio throws Exilim bone to Europe

Casio throws Exilim bone to Europe

On the heels of its just-announced 10-megapixel EX-Z1000, Casio has announced a new 5-megapixel ultracompact camera for Europe this morning. According to information posted on Casio's European Web site and in a press release on, the camera will have a 3X optical zoom (38mm-to-114mm equivalent), a f/3.1-to-f/5.9 lens, and a 2.5-inch LCD screen, and it will include Casio's Antishake DSP electronic image stabilization. It will feature a top sensitivity of ISO 400, 8.3MB of internal flash memory, and an SD card slot, and it will record Motion JPEG video with audio at as much as 640x480 resolution and 30fps. Europeans can expect the camera to hit store shelves at the end of May, but our sources tell us that Americans will have to cross the pond if they want to get their hands on this one. Seems like you'll have to settle for the 2.2-inch LCD on the EX-S500 if you're jonesing for some Casio Exilim slim-cam action.