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Case-Mate Tank: Hard-core iPhone 4S protection

Case-Mate has entered the iPhone 4 and 4S tough-case market with the Tank.

The $60 Case-Mate Tank has a retractable window on the front. David Carnoy/CNET

There's a new kid on the tough iPhone 4/4S block and it's name is Tank.

Case-Mate, the company behind Tank, is touting how protective the new "military-grade" case is, and thanks to a partnership with the folks behind the SharkEye cases, it has a unique retractable window that covers the screen but also gives you full access to the screen when needed.

The Tank comes in a few different colors, including the color you see pictured, as well as a simple black-and-white with pink trim. It's got a nice textured finish, and while it's somewhat bulky, it is lightweight. A belt clip is also included and protects the screen further.

This is a universal case that fits both the iPhone 4 and 4S. While it's not waterproof, it does offer some protection from rain and sand. You can drop it from 4 feet, but don't drop it in the toilet.

The $80 LifeProof is probably is the best tough case out there right now (it is waterproof), but it has one drawback: you can't plug most headphones into your iPhone without using an included dongle. With the Tank, accessing the headphone jack isn't an issue.