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Canada's top carriers readying Galaxy Nexus

Canadian subscribers are set to get their hands on the Galaxy Nexus in the coming weeks, but what about U.S. consumers?

Multiple Canadian carriers have promised the Galaxy Nexus. Mobile Syrup

Nearly one month has passed since Samsung and Google took to the stage to debut the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich, and here in the States, we still don't know much about carrier support or release dates. However, our friends to the north will have their choice of carriers, as three of Canada's service providers have already signed up to sell the Galaxy Nexus.

Bell has tapped for the smartphone's release for "early December" and is currently taking reservations for the Galaxy Nexus. Although the provider has yet to lock in a firm date, it is ahead of rivals Rogers and Telus, who each promise to launch the phone in January.

Virgin Mobile Canada also announced plans for the Galaxy Nexus in December, proclaiming that it "got it first." As to whether that means first to announce support or first to market remains to be seen. Like Bell, Virgin Mobile is currently taking preorders and remains tight-lipped on the price.

The last we had heard, Verizon was slated to begin offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in late November, possibly as part of a post-Thanksgiving ad campaign.

Considering Verizon rolled out both the Droid Razr and HTC Rezound in the last few days, it would make sense that the carrier would want some breathing room between devices.

While all three Android handsets have hardware that closely resembles each other, only the Galaxy Nexus will run Ice Cream Sandwich upon its debut.