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Cameron bans ministers' mobiles: Hung parliament forced to hang up

David Cameron has banned mobile phones from cabinet meetings. How will the coalition cabinet cope without calls?

Our new Prime Minister David Cameron has started his reign by banning mobile phones from cabinet meetings.

The cabinet meets for hour-long sessions every Tuesday morning at 9am. Meetings now won't be interrupted by Vince Cable cringing as he re-reads last night's text messages, William Hague checking Twitter or Theresa May giggling over BlackBerry Messenger. It also means David Cameron won't be able to fawn over pictures of himself in the official Number 10 iPhone app.

Could this be the first step in a governmental technology detox? The new government has already confirmed it will scrap planned ID cards. Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg criticised the rushing-through of the Digital Economy Act in the run-up to the election, so that may also be facing the chop, or at least some form of modification.

Is this good advice for everyone? Should mobile phones be banned from meetings, or even from offices completely? And now you've cast your vote for the government, vote for what kind of phone you think David Cameron, Nick Clegg and friends would be right there in our comments section.