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Camera phone photography tips

Camera phone photography tips

We've seen plenty of camera phones here at CNET, from low-end VGA ones to high-end 2-megapixel ones. We've even taken the liberty of showcasing the images we've taken in our handy dandy camera phone image gallery that compares and contrasts picture quality from different phones. Sometimes horrible pictures are caused by the camera's resolution, yes. But sometimes, just sometimes, they could also be caused by poor photography technique. Here are 13 cool tips in this digital photography blog on how to improve your camera phone photos. Some of the tips include getting close to your subject and keeping your lens clean. Most importantly is the tip on observing camera phone etiquette:

"There are many cases of camera phones being abused to take sneaky or voyeuristic photos. Ask permission to photograph strangers, consider restrictions on the use of cameras in places like theaters and concerts, etc."
We couldn't agree more.

Source: Digital Photography School and Hiptop3