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BlackBerry Enterprise Service updated for BB 10 smartphones

The software lets businesses manage a fleet of BlackBerry 10, iOS or Android devices in anticipation of the launch of the first BlackBerry 10 handsets at month's end.

A next-gen BlackBerry Lynn La/CNET

Research In Motion has released a new version of its mobile device management software, BlackBerry Enterprise Service.

The software, available to download from today, is designed to manage devices running BlackBerry 10, as well as rival devices running iOS or Android operating systems. The release will also play a key role in the potential success of RIM's forthcoming BlackBerry 10 handsets. BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 "supports our existing line of devices, BlackBerry PlayBook tablets and soon to be released BlackBerry 10 smartphones," Pete Devenyi, senior vice president of enterprise software at RIM, told ZDNet.

In addition to bringing device and application management capabilities for the BlackBerry 10 handsets, the release of BES 10 also marks the retirement of RIM's standalone mobile device management product and brand, Mobile Fusion. In future, Mobile Fusion functionality will be a part of BlackBerry Enterprise Service, available to BES customers.

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