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BlackBerry Connect finally available for Treo 650

BlackBerry Connect finally available for Treo 650

It's been a long time since Palm and Research in Motion first announced their plans to bring the BlackBerry Connect software to the Palm Treo 650, but the wait is finally over--for Cingular Wireless customers, anyway. Cingular will be the first carrier to offer the BlackBerry service (Verizon and Sprint should follow in the coming months), which brings push e-mail, wireless calendar synchronization, attachment viewing, and remote address lookup, among other things, to the Treo. As far as pricing, if you purchased your device after June 3, the app is available to you for free; otherwise, you will have to buy the software for $9.99. Regardless of when you bought your Treo, you will have to get a BlackBerry Connect data plan, which starts at $44.99. You can get more information and download the app from Palm's Web site. The three companies will also hold a Webinar for customers on Thursday, September 7, 11 to 12 p.m., PT, with a full demo.

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