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BlackBerry and BBM down, Vodafone blames router error

Email, Web surfing and BlackBerry Messenger failed today for BlackBerry owners on Vodafone.

Are you having problems with your BlackBerry? Some BlackBerry users today saw services cut off for a number of hours -- and it's all Vodafone's fault.

Vodafone owns up to a router error causing the problem, which is reported to have lasted around 5 hours and affected an unknown number of BlackBerry users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Email, Web surfing and BlackBerry Messenger are all reported to have been affected for BlackBerry owners on Vodafone. Users on other networks were not affected.

Services should now have been restored.

BlackBerry builder Research in Motion will no doubt be unimpressed by the outage, the latest in a string of embarrassing service failures. In September, BlackBerry services failed at the worst time possible: the same day as the launch of the iPhone 5.

And that hiccup followed less than a year after a catastrophic outage that saw BlackBerry users lose the Internet, email and BBM for four days before RIM could restore services.

RIM is just weeks away from unveiling BlackBerry 10, the new generation of software and phones that are hoped to lift the company's fortunes after a disastrous slide in sales. On 30 January RIM will reveal two new BlackBerry phones, with at least six to be released during this year.

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