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Black DS Lite on the Europe

Black DS Lite on the Europe

The good news is that Nintendo has finally confirmed that the DS Lite will come in black. The bad news is, you're probably not going to see it any time soon. While the United States is scheduled to get the DS Lite as early as June 11, it's coming in only a simple, iBook-like white. Japan already has its DS Lite but only in white, teal, and navy blue. Nintendo's European branch has announced that it will be distributing both white and black versions of the DS Lite on June 23, for the approximate retail price of 99 pounds or 150 euros (about $30 to $40 more than the American retail kit). Europe will be getting the black DS Lite gamers have been clamoring for but at a higher price than people in the States will be paying. Of course, this is even worse for American gamers who hope to import a black DS Lite; the portable will cost around $160, with easily another $30 to ship it. Not cheap, but style always has a price. Hopefully that price will come down if and when Nintendo decides to release additional DS Lite colors in the States.

Source: Engadget