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Big gets bigger as telecom mergers come together

AT&T completes its merger of MediaOne, and the FCC is reportedly close to approving the Bell Atlantic-GTE merger.


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AT&T completes its merger of MediaOne, while the FCC is reportedly close to approving the Bell Atlantic-GTE merger. The WorldCom-Sprint megamerger, however, is standing on somewhat shaky ground.


AT&T, MediaOne merger a done deal
The telecommunications giant says it has completed its $44 billion merger with the cable group, creating the country's largest cable operator.

FCC may be near approving Bell Atlantic-GTE merger
The Federal Communications Commission reportedly agrees to approve the merger, which will create the largest local telephone company in the United States.

Sprint CEO says WorldCom merger looks shaky
The telecommunications giant's top executive is backing off previous predictions that the government will approve the $120 billion merger.

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Regulators think again about billion-dollar mergers
Regulatory concerns hanging over the marriage of MCI WorldCom and Sprint could point to a growing reluctance to approve giant merger deals in an ever-changing communications landscape.

FCC approves AT&T-MediaOne merger
update The FCC grants final approval to the merger between AT&T and MediaOne Group, a multibillion-dollar deal that will make Ma Bell the nation's largest cable operator.