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Best practices for your business

Best practices for your business

Let me give you a sneak peek at something we've just launched that we're really excited about and hope you'll like and find useful. If you'll peek behind our curtain, you'll see Best Practices: Tips for your small business. It has stories in a bunch of topic areas that our research showed is relevant to small business, such as sales, customer handling (CRM), management and finance, and more.

We want to make CNET's At Work area even more useful for your business, not only giving you the best info about the technology you need to run your company, but also helping you use it to best effect. It's all about solutions, even if the solution is not completely tech-driven. We know technology doesn't exist in a vacuum.

There's more coming. Take a look, give us your feedback, and let us know how we're doing. Your input will help us give you what you want.