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Best HTC Desire HD cases and accessories: Control your desire

Who says geeks can't accessorise? We're dressing our HTC Desire HD with the best of the cases, chargers and extras money can buy.

The HTC Desire HD lives up to its name -- it's our favourite smart phone of the moment. And there's nothing we like better than dressing our favourite gadget du jour up in the best of its accessories, be they car kits or hand-knitted bobble hats.

There aren't nearly as many accessories for the Desire HD as there are for the iPhone, so we'd like every gadget company with an injection moulder and a solder gun to get on the task and start whipping up some fun stuff. We especially want a car mount that has an additional GPS receiver for TomTom-level sat-nav performance, a bike mount like these iPhone ones so we can surf while we pedal, and some great docks with speakers and remote controls.

In the meantime, here are our choices of the best Desire HD accessories money can buy. We've included links and prices from MobileFun, since it has a good selection, and seems to be a wee bit cheaper than the official HTC accessory store, but you should shop around to find your best price.


Wrapping your mitts around the Desire's massive 4.3-inch screen can be a challenge, and despite an aluminium body, we live in fear of it slipping out of our grasp and hitting the floor. If you don't have the nerves of steel we have, you may want to protect your investment with a case. Wusses.

If you love your screen, please don't put one of those horrible skins on it. It's like wrapping a diamond in Blu-Tack. Those cases that flip open like a Star Trek communicator are even worse -- especially on a phone this big, it's like you're talking into a volume of an encyclopaedia. Instead, grab a smart slipcover case, like this one from HTC with a tab that helps you pull out the phone. We found the official HTC case for £11.95.

Sliding your phone in and out of a case can be a pain, so if you just feel the need for protection from drops and tumbles, try a subtle rubber or silicon skin. An HTC-brand skin will set you back £10.95, while a non-HTC version costs £10.47.

Batteries and chargers

Unlike the iPhone and the Nokia N8, it's possible to swap the Desire HD's battery. If you plan on using loads of juice, it may be worth picking up a spare for £19.95. We'd suggest an HTC-brand battery, since knock-off batteries can be unreliable. 

The Desire HD cradle is only available for pre-order at time of publication, but we know the price will be £14.99, and we think that's fair for a gadget that holds, syncs and charges your Desire HD. You'll survive without it, but being able to drop the phone into a cradle at your desk or at home is addictively convenient.

There is a car kit for the Desire HD available for £32.99, which includes a suction mount and charger. If you want more flexibility for your co-driver's gadgets, you could pick up the in-car charger separately for £14.95 -- it includes a USB port that could conceivably be used to charge your other gadgets on the go. Then top it off with a universal mount like the Clingo for £12.95 or the Dash Genie for £14.99. Sorted! Now you can use the free Google Maps Navigation instead of a dedicated sat-nav.

Make your own stand

Making your own smart phone stand is one of life's special joys. Check out our starter guide to stand-making, then let your imagination run wild. Here are some ideas to get you started: business card, floss box, pair of sunglasses, tiny monkey. Go!