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BenQ releases two new but basic LCD monitors

BenQ releases two new but basic LCD monitors

BenQ recently announced two new monitors for business or home use: the 19-inch FP93G and the 17-inch FP73G. With fairly standard specs, including 300cd/m² brightness and a 700:1 contrast ratio, the only standout feature we saw listed on BenQ's press release was the fairly fast 6-millisecond response rate.

With 1,280x1,024 resolutions, these are standard-aspect monitors, and to their credit, both offer digital and analog input. BenQ mentions screen tilt but no other flexibility, and the base doesn't look like it has a built-in lazy Susan.

At low price points of $299 for the 17-inch and $329 for the 19-inch, these LCDs are priced well--on a par with other bargain monitors we've seen from companies such as Envision, Westinghouse, and Dell. We're guessing that these average-looking, average-priced monitors with average specs will be average performers--but we've been wrong before.