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BenQ releases new Joybee line of MP3 players

BenQ releases new Joybee line of MP3 players

After many months of relative silence on BenQ's MP3 player front, the company has launched a new line of Joybee players. The six new players--the E520, ET50, EG10, E105, N370, and P610--are all flash based, two will be available this month, and four are to be released in Q3. The E520 and ET50 both have built-in Bluetooth modules, while the N370 features a built-in USB plug and functions as a USB host for direct offloading of photos from digital cameras. The most interesting players appear to be the EG10, which is a PVP and gaming device with a design reminiscent of the first Nintendo controller (but with a color screen right in the middle), and the P610, which is an MP3 player and portable speaker set in one.

Source: The MP3 Players