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Aussie iPhone Apps

Australians all let us rejoice for an iPhone App that's free. Well, not all the apps are free, some of them will cost a couple of bucks, but they all come with an Aussie twist.

Australians all let us rejoice for an iPhone App that's free.

Well, in truth, not all the apps listed below are free, some of them will cost a couple of bucks, but they all come with an Aussie twist. From local weather to local petrol prices to news headlines in your area, Australia is pretty well represented on the Apple App Store.

ABC Corp

(Credit: ABC)
Australian Broadcasting Corporation – Free

It's your ABC so make the most of it. This iPhone dedicated mini-site gives access to podcasts, videos and the latest goings on across the entire ABC, including ABC Classic FM and Triple J.

News Australia Lite

(Credit: TechReply)
News Australia Lite – Free

Next to YouTube videos and ringtone downloads, news headlines would have to be one of the most accessed kinds of information on a mobile phone. This app comes in a paid version, or this bare-bones freebie for us cheapskates.

Oz Weather

(Credit: Ajnaware)
Oz Weather – AU$2.49

After you've checked the headlines for the world around you, you'll probably want to know the weather for the day ahead. Oz Weather keeps the info simple but makes it look really good.


(Credit: Jamcode)
GasBag Pro Australia – AU$1.19

The iPhone may not have turn-by-turn in-car navigation, but with Gasbag Pro at least it knows where to find the cheapest petrol when you're lost.

Macca's FreeWi-Fi

(Credit: Redbridge)
Macca's FreeWiFi – AU$1.19

Though it carries the appropriate badges, this one isn't officially sanctioned by the might of McDonald's. Using Google Maps, this app will show Macca's locations near you with Wi-Fi access so you can dodge carrier download charges while you eat.

Ice TV

(Credit: IceTV)
IceTV – Free

If you're not watching TV on your iPhone you're probably thinking about what TV you'll watch when you get home. IceTV offers a comprehensive listing of free-to-air shows, plus the ability to schedule recordings online.

Westpac ATM Locator

(Credit: Westpac)
Westpac ATM Locator – Free

Unlike the Macca's app, this one is developed by Westpac to give its customers accurate info about where to find Westpac branded ATMs. Similar apps are also available for St George and Bank of South Australia customers as well.

Australian First Aid

(Credit: Inyerpocket Publishing and
Parasol EMT)
Australian First Aid – AU$4.99

Australia is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Riding in the pouch of a kangaroo can lead to all sorts of injuries. Luckily you now have access to first aid in the palm of your hand.

Australian Citizenship Practice Test

(Credit: Kolor Design)
Australian Citizenship Practice Test – AU$5.99

Whether you use it to study for the citizenship test or just to brush up on your Australiana trivia is up to you. This app features a clean interface and includes 275 possible test questions.