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AT&T beefs up location-based services and A-GPS network

AT&T announces at CTIA Fall 2008 that it has added assisted GPS technology to its network to boost its location-based services.

GPS and cell phone integration is an increasing trend as more handsets come equipped with the technology and location-based services get more advanced. AT&T, it seems, is particularly committed to the idea.

AAA Mobile Navigator Networks in Motion

At CTIA Fall 2008, the carrier announced that it has deployed assisted GPS technology (A-GPS) to its network to speed up the time it takes a GPS-enabled mobile to get a fix on a user's location by using cell tower triangulation.

In addition to the A-GPS network, AT&T also revealed that it will launch several new location-based services to give its customer a choice in navigation software. The carrier currently only offers AT&T Navigator (also known as TeleNav Navigator), but it will soon be joined by MaqQuest Navigator and AAA Mobile, which is powered by Networks in Motion, the brains behind Verizon's VZ Navigator. Both applications are expected to be available in the coming weeks.