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Are detachable laptop screens in our future?

Are detachable laptop screens in our future?

It's not the first I've heard of the concept, but it's the first time I've seen it live and in person: the emerging technologies section of the Toshiba booth has a notebook with a display that detaches from the keyboard base. Away from the base, the display functions much like a slate tablet and has its own power source to keep it running. I like the idea: you can set up a more ergonomic work space (as shown), or, for example, plug a projector into the base and roam around with just the touch-screen display. I was amazed at the thin, extremely lightweight screen and immediately envisioned myself taking handwritten notes on the CES show floor, then setting up an ergonomic work station back in my hotel room. The Toshiba rep must have seen the acquisitive glimmer in my eyes, though, because he quickly repossessed the device. Alas, this is but a prototype, and actual production--if it even goes into production--is at least two years out.