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Apple's newest iPod

Apple's newest iPod

As most of us (except ThinkSecret) surmised, Apple announced the video iPod at today's media event in San Jose. Simply called the iPod, the new video-enabled device not only has a bigger 2.5-inch screen but is also physically thinner; the 30GB version is a preposterous 30 percent thinner than the 20GB iPod that it replaces, while the 60GB version is 12 percent skinnier. And at $299 and $399 for the 30GB and the 60GB models, respectively, you get a great deal.

Back to some key specs: The new iPods will be available in white or Nano black, and the beautiful screen has a resolution of 320x240 pixels with 260,000 colors. The 30GB version weighs just 4.8 ounces, and it has a rated battery life of 14 hours for audio only (60GB version is 20 hours). This number will surely be much lower for photo or video-only playback. As for content, Apple has turned the new iTunes 6 into a legitimate source for video, with 2,000 clips that include music videos, trailers, and--most impressively--TV shows such as Desperate Housewives and Lost. More later... for now, watch the Apple iPod video and Steve Jobs' presentation.

Update: We've now posted our First Take of the new video-enabled Apple iPod here. Go check it out!