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Apple's first iOS 11 update swats at iPhone bugs

That was fast. It comes a week after iOS 11 officially launched for iPhones and iPads.

Taylor Martin/CNET

A week into iOS 11, Apple's new software for iPhones and iPads, and Apple is already addressing bugs. 

The first update, iOS 11.0.1 (as first spotted by 9to5Mac), doesn't go into details about specific changes to security or new features. Consider it a minor tweak aimed at smoothing over some rough spots in iOS 11. Apple just points to bug fixes and improvements.

While this may seem like small potatoes, changes to iOS affect a huge number of iPhone users. Unlike Android software updates, which trickle out as individual phonemakers and carriers adopt the new features, Apple makes iOS available to a long list of iPhones and iPads all at the same time. For example, iOS 11 works on the venerable iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2, as well as newer devices.

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