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Apple's first AI paper shows it's ready to play with other kids

The famously secretive company is showing signs of sharing.

Better AI could make Siri better, too.


The most important part of Apple publishing its first academic paper on AI is not necessarily the methods it uses to better teach artificial intelligence systems, but the fact that it published the paper at all.

Prior to the Thursday publish date, the legendarily secretive Apple has kept all of its research locked up, particularly where AI is involved.

AI is the motor that makes Siri, Apple's voice assistant, run -- among many other future and present uses. Sharing findings with academics can help advance the field for everyone, not only Apple.

AI is immensely important for Apple, which competes directly with Google, Amazon and Microsoft in bringing meaningful artificial intelligence to tech. By making its projects transparent, Apple can also hope to recruit top researchers.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.