Apple's 30-minute 3G iPhone video is a snoozer, but is more than a teaser...

Thoughts on the iPhone guided tour video


Strangely, I found myself with 30 minutes of free time yesterday. And, instead of doing something productive, I found myself drawn to watch the latest 30-minute iPhone 3G video from Apple.

Sure, it's that same creepy guy from last year, and this time, he looks even more CGI-generated than last. I think he gained some weight too. But, the new features made up for the the excessive use of "most advanced," "incredible" and other doped-up adjectives. Those are 30 minutes down the tubes watching this man, but, the 3G iPhone does look pretty enticing. No idiotic recessed earphone jack (a 'redesign,' really?), mass-email edits, Exchange services, slick Stek Trektricorder-like GPS tracking, finally allowing legitimate third-party innovation via applications... the list does go on. The bells and whistles showcased here did partially counter the weariness I've heard some of my friends fret about the ritualized procedures (and fee increase) that AT&T seems to have imposed on the 3G iPhone launch.

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