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Apple Watch Series 2 is here for $369

You can even get the new smartwatch in a ceramic version. Conspicuously missing: any mention of the $10,000 gold edition.

Apple announces pricing for the new Watch Series 2.

CNET/James Martin
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The wait is over for Apple's next-generation smartwatch.

Apple announced Wednesday at its iPhone event in San Francisco that the Apple Watch Series 2 will be available for preorders on September 9. Pricing for the new device will be $369. Apple also introduced a watch made specifically for runners called the Apple Watch Nike+, which is also priced at $369.

The company didn't mention the Apple Watch Edition -- you know, the one from the first wave of Apple smartwatches that's made out of 18-karat gold and carries a price tag starting at $10,000.

But it did talk about a new ceramic model, which starts at $1,249. Apple will also offer a new designer watch called the Apple Watch Hermes, which starts at $1,149. Apple Watch Hermes bands are sold separately and will be available beginning September 16. The Single Tour Band is $339, the Double Tour is $489 and the Double Buckle Cuff is $689.

Sales of the Apple Watch slumped over the past year, as consumers awaited the launch of an updated device. In March, Apple cut pricing for the 2-year-old Apple Watch by $50 to $249 in an effort to drum up business.

The modest price cut wasn't enough to spur a run on Apple Watches. In July, market researcher IDC said the global smartwatch market experienced its first decline, with shipments down 32 percent. Apple was the top smartwatch vendor, but it was the only company in the Top 5 whose sales declined from the previous year. The research firm estimated that shipments tumbled 55 percent to 1.6 million.

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