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Apple unleashes 32GB iPod touch and 16GB iPhone

Apple just announced the immediate(-ish) availability of a 32GB iPod touch and a 16GB iPhone. Let joy be unconfined!

Apple has just announced the launch of a 32GB version of the iPod touch and a 16GB model of the iPhone. The new iPhone will wear a price tag of £329, whereas the 32GB touch will also cost a whopping £329.

Apple's been beaten to the punch when it comes to 32GB flash MP3 players -- SanDisk announced the 32GB model of the Sansa View back in January, and Creative has been rocking a 32GB Zen for several weeks, which also supports SD cards for even more memory.

Everything about the new iPhone and iPod touch remains the same as existing models -- only the capacity has been changed. New touches will also come with the new firmware installed as standard, meaning there's no need to go spending cash on optional upgrades from the iTunes Store. Huzzah!

Both new models are supposed to be available immediately, but at time of publication the Apple Store hadn't been updated to offer the new models. Apple must be losing its touch. -Nate Lanxon