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Apple tipped to ditch iPhone 3GS, redesign iPod touch

Apple is tipped to ditch the iPhone 3GS, while a new iPod touch is rumoured to debut alongside the iPhone 5.

Apple is poised to ditch the iPhone 3GS, reports suggest, with the maker of shiny smart phones tipped to make the iPhone 4 its new bargain-basement blower for beginners.

The Telegraph cites sources "close to retailers" who reckon Tim Cook and cohorts will soon be calling time on the iPhone 3GS, which went on sale in the summer of 2009.

The iPhone 4 -- the first Apple phone to feature the company's retina display tech -- is now tipped to become the cheapest iPhone available. The phone could be given away for free on £20 per month contracts. An 8GB version of the iPhone 4S has also been mooted.

While the 3GS is looking a little long in the tooth, it's proved a durable mobile, handling last year's iOS 5 software update with surprising grace. Apple has never been sentimental when it comes to giving older gadgets the Old Yeller treatment, however, so when the iPhone 5 is revealed on Wednesday, we could well see this enduring device finally knocked on the head.

3GS owners needn't feel too glum, as Apple has said its third-generation mobile will be getting updated to iOS 6 this autumn, albeit with many new features missing.

New iPod touch?

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac reports that a redesigned iPod touch will be introduced, but that a version of the current model will stay on sale.

That model is said to be 'tweaked', though it's not clear what that means exactly. Personally, I'd wager a few quid on a cheap iPod touch that has the same design as the existing version, but perhaps a software adjustment, or the smaller connector dock that's reportedly in the works for the iPhone 5.

The site also claims it has information that points to new musical Apple gadgets that will cost $299 and $399 (about £190 and £250), which -- judging by the high price -- would likely be top of the range, redesigned iPod touches.

The touch hasn't had a fresh lick of paint since 2010, so it's high time Apple brought out a new version. What would you like to see in a revamped iPod touch, and do you think Apple should ditch the iPhone 3GS? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.