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Apple shows off 8 new 'shot on iPhone' videos

Hippos, penguins and bees are featured in the latest crop of Apple's customer-shot iPhone videos.

Apple has published eight new videos in its "shot on iPhone" series, which touts the camera prowess of its iPhones.

Within the last day, eight new videos have been added to Apple's YouTube channel. They feature a hippo, penguins, bees and a particularly excited dog. Not all the videos, which are 15 seconds long, are animal-themed. There are also moody clouds, seaside frolicking and artistically framed wiper action. Each is set to a snippet of trendy music.

Apple's "shot on iPhone" campaign is designed to show off the photo and video capabilities of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. While CNET's exhaustive testing suggests the iPhone does indeed have one of the best smartphone cameras, the images these mobiles catch aren't universally spectacular. Apple CEO Tim Cook set Twitter aflame earlier this year when he tweeted an extremely blurry snap of the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl celebrations.