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Apple releases iPhone 2.2 firmware

The brand new firmware for Apple's iPhone is out, and it includes Google's Street View service and wireless podcast downloading, among a heap of performance improvements

Just in time for pay day and free pay day beers in the CBS Interactive lounge (if you work here, that is), comes the iPhone's 2.2 firmware. It's a free download for all iPhone users, and includes all the features included in firmwares 2.0 and 2.1, should you have not snagged those yet.

Along with a Chuck Norris of performance improvements, iPhone 2.2 adds support for Google's Street View service, as seen in the recent T-Mobile G1 -- this service is set to go live in the UK sometime soon. Walking directions in Google Maps are also included in the update.

Wrapped in as well is support for over-the-air downloading of podcasts using the built-in iTunes application. Remember that Podcaster app that Apple ejected from the App Store like a Republican from the White House? Well, it does what that did.

Downloads should work over 3G as long as they're under 10MB (which most aren't), otherwise you'll need to use Wi-Fi. We'll be getting hands-on with this soon, and we're keen to see if video podcasts are supported.

You can update to this firmware in iTunes now. Just initiate the orgy betwixt USB cable and docking hole on the iPhone, and let the update wizard walk you through the rest.

Have you upgraded already? Let us know what you think below while ours goes through the process.

Update: Video podcast downloads are indeed supported in the update, and it works beautifully.