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Apple regaining momentum with developers, study says

Start-up Flurry finds that developers are gravitating back to Apple after Android had seen consistently growing interest over the past year.

Apple saw growing developer support in the second quarter, taking the momentum away from Google's Android platform.

That's according to a new study from start-up Flurry, which provides developers with application data and a recommendation-based advertising platform. The company compared data from its clients and found that a growing share of new projects were started for Apple's iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad in the second quarter versus the first. Android's share of new projects, however, fell following a year of consistent growth.


While the open nature of Android, the large number of companies that use the software, and the growing base of customers have lured developers, Apple's products continue to have an edge. Flurry said it believes the iPhone launch on Verizon Wireless and the launch of the iPad 2 tipped the scales back to Apple's favor.

Last week, Apple said total downloads for the App Store have surpassed 15 billion. Android said it crossed the 4.5 billion mark in May.