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Apple keynote: thoughts on Intel inside

Apple keynote: thoughts on Intel inside

Yep, that MacBook Pro looks pretty sweet--and so does the new Intel iMac. It's an exciting time and an exciting jump for Apple, and I hope the machines are as fast as they say--and more importantly, that they're stable. Am I going to buy one? Not yet. Hardware 1.0 scares me, especially when it's the first piece of hardware with a brand-new chip architecture, running software that's just been ported over, and taking a big risk on a technology partnership that, by Steve's own admission, was developed in a time frame somewhere between one and two years (if you take into account the work that happened before the Intel-Apple agreement was announced). Plus, Apple? If I spent $1,299 on the Final Cut Studio and another $2,500 on a new MacBook Pro, I really, really, really don't think I should have to pay $50 to "crossgrade" my software for a version that will run on the Mactel machines. That's just rude. How about I prove to you that I bought the software by bringing you the CD and the license, which is what you wanted in the first place, and you give me the universal version when I buy a whole new Mac, OK?

I admit it, though. The MacBook Pro looks pretty sweet. Especially with the built-in iSight. But I think I'll wait to see what other dual-core notebooks appear as a result of the new Core Duo technology, and what (if any) problems people start reporting when they get their new iMacs and MacBooks home.