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Apple iPhone Design Awards: AOL Radio, Enigmo, OmniFocus

Apple iPhone Design Awards: AOL Radio, Enigmo, OmniFocus

Last night, Apple held its annual design awards for developers during the currently underway Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). This was the first year that the company offered accolades for native iPhone application development.

Among the winners is AOL Radio, in "best entertainment application" category. AOL issued a press release announcing the win, stating: "the new application gives users immediate, free access to over 350 online radio stations, including 150 local CBS RADIO stations and custom channels plus more than 200 AOL Radio channels.  The AOL Radio iPhone application will be available as a free download  with the launch of Apple's App Store. AOL Radio for iPhone leverages iPhone?s Core Location framework to detect a user's location and automatically display CBS RADIO stations nearest to the user.  Additionally, AOL Radio for iPhone automatically adapts to the current connection speed of the device providing low-bandwidth streams when on a cellular network versus higher quality audio for WiFi connections."

Other winners include the game Enigmo, which won "Best iPhone Game" and OmniFocus for best productivity application.