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Apple iPhone accessory pricing revealed

Apple iPhone accessory pricing revealed

Apple has published pricing information for iPhone accessories, available for purchase today:

  • iPhone Bluetooth Headset -- $129: "features a single button that lets you make and receive phone calls simply and intuitively. And it delivers up to 5.5 hours of talk time and up to 72 hours of standby time thanks to its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. An iPhone Dual Dock and iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable are also included."
  • Apple USB Power Adapter -- $29: "charge your iPhone or iPod at home, on the road, or whenever itâ??s not connected to a computer. An Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable is included."
  • iPhone Dock -- $49: "easy access to a USB port for syncing or charging, and audio line out for connecting to powered speakers. Also includes an Apple USB Power Adapter and an Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable."
  • Apple Dock Connector -- $19: to USB Cable "This USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone or iPod â?? directly or through a Dock â?? to your computerâ??s USB port for efficient syncing and charging, or to the Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet."
  • iPhone Dual Dock -- $49 "Give both your iPhone and your iPhone Bluetooth Headset a place to call home. The iPhone Dual Dock also includes an Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging."
  • iPhone Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack -- $9: "enable your iPhone to connect to the iPod Universal Dock and other products that use the Universal Dock system. You can even conduct speakerphone calls with your iPhone in the Dock."
  • iPhone Stereo Headset -- $29: "The iPhone Stereo Headset is designed like the Apple iPod headphones and features a high-performance microphone fitted with a windscreen. You can quickly answer and end iPhone calls and control basic music playback simply by pressing a button on the mic."
  • iPhone Bluetooth Travel Cable -- $29: "Use this cable to charge your iPhone Bluetooth Headset while you sync or charge our iPhone."
  • iPhone TTY Adapter -- $19: This adapter lets you use your iPhone with standard TTY devices. Just plug the cable from your TTY device into one end of the iPhone TTY Adapter, then plug the other end of the adapter into your iPhone.