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AOL taps exec for CompuServe

The online giant appoints its senior VP of brand marketing to the newly created position of senior VP and COO for CompuServe Interactive Services.

America Online today announced the appointment of Audrey Weil, the company's current senior vice president of brand marketing, to the newly created position of senior vice president and chief operating officer for CompuServe Interactive Services.

Weil, who joined AOL in 1988, served in numerous senior management positions at AOL during her tenure, but she focused primarily on brand marketing and business development.

As CompuServe's senior vice president and COO, Weil will oversee day-to-day operations at the company, concentrating in particular on revitalizing the strength of the CompuServe brand.

In February, AOL reorganized its business units and created two new divisions: AOL Interactive Services and CompuServe Interactive Services. At that time, AOL promoted executive Robert Pittman to president and chief operating officer.

Weil will report to Mayo Stuntz, president of CompuServe Interactive Services, and will relocate to Columbus, Ohio.

Earlier this year, America Online completed its acquisition of CompuServe's interactive services division from WorldCom in a three-way transaction. As part of that deal, the online giant sold its network division, ANS Communications, to WorldCom for $175 million in cash.