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Angry Birds sends players a valentine

If you're an Angry Birds Seasons owner, your not-so-secret admirer (Rovio Mobile) just gave you 15 levels' worth of Valentine's Day love.

All together, now: "Awwww." Yep, the Angry Birds are back to spread some destructive love.
All together, now: "Awwww." Yep, the Angry Birds are back to spread some destructive love. Screenshot by Rick Broida

For a game with "angry" in the title, Angry Birds sure does make people happy. Maybe it's because of the steady supply of extra goodies developer Rovio Mobile continues to push out--like the new Valentine's Day addition to Angry Birds Seasons. (That's the iOS version; it's also available for Android!)

Like an unexpected gift from that special someone, Seasons 1.2.0 rolled out with little fanfare yesterday. If you already own the game, check the App Store app (or Android Market) for the update. For everyone else, the game is still 99 cents--and it includes the previous Halloween- and Christmas-themed levels.

The newly updated Seasons features 15 lovey-dovey "Hogs and Kisses" levels, complete with a romantic new theme song and pink, heart-filled settings.

Once you blast through those, you'll be treated to three additional levels--though it appears those might require unlocking by way of Facebook "liking." (I haven't gotten that far yet--if you have, let your fellow readers know the scoop.)

Maybe it's just me, but the new levels are hard. I had a devil time just getting past the first one. So perhaps these will keep you busy until the next holiday update.

Any guesses as to what that will be? My money's on Easter, what with the egg theme and all, but maybe Rovio Mobile will surprise us with a little Purim love. Or perhaps Arbor Day. Cinco de Mayo?

In the meantime, I'm still having great fun with Cover Orange. Have you tried it yet?