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Android Atlas Weekly: Nexus Prime Watch (Podcast)

Nexus Prime sightings, Google Wallet Hacked, in a good way, and HTC security flaws. All that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly for October 5th, 2011.

Nexus Prime sightings, Google Wallet Hacked, in a good way, and HTC security flaws. All that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly for October 5th, 2011.

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iPhone 4S vs. the competition

Samsung Releases Teaser Shot of Nexus Prime

Might this be the Nexus Prime?

Samsung to show off Nexus Prime at Oct. 11 event?

HTC cooking up fix for security flaw

LG unveils Optimus LTE with 4.5-inch HD display

Google’s Schmidt: Motorola buy won’t ‘screw up’ Android

World’s most profitable Android company? Microsoft!?;content

XDA Hacks Google Wallet onto All Nexus S Devices

AT&T offers free Android accessibility app for blind and visually impaired


Amazon 10.1-inch tablet to ship before the holidays?

Google Voice Rec/Assistant (Siri)

Apps of the Week


X-Men Arcade game


How am I supposed to watch the show if you keep changing the time it’s on? And the day? – Jason


How do you think it will take the android community to ‘root’ the Fire and perhaps install a Google version of Android. Do you think the community will attempt to port over Honeycomb to the Fire, and will it perform as good as say the Galaxy Tab? I ask this, as I’m not too much into complete custom Android interfaces, and if I did buy it, I would slap on Honeycomb. I currently have the Xoom, I really enjoy it, but the screen is too large to easily pocket it in my jacket.

On a side note on the Kindle Fire… On the videos, the top bar(where battery/wireless indicator is) on the Fire really resembles an iOS device. Wonder if Apple will catch on to this and sue for a similar top bar.

Also, which version of Android do you think they modified. A version of Gingerbread or a different version of android, maybe even Honeycomb?

I watch your show every wednesday on my night shift at work, so I do look forward to your insight on this.
– Kevin


Dear Antuan

On episode #66, you and Eckhouse were discussing the Amazon Kindle Fire. You made the following statement (and I quote”"):

There aren’t very many tablets you can run Amazon Prime videos on; I don’t think you can watch it on any of them…
…Perhaps I’m wrong.”"

You are indeed VERY wrong!!

You can watch Amazon Prime videos on almost ALL android tablets! You do it the same way you watch them on a laptop or desktop; THROUGH THE BROWSER!

The experience was not the best back in the days of Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android, but it did work.

Ever since the Flash 10.3 update came (back in May) the video playback user experience on Android tablets has been flawless. Especially Honeycomb Tablets with dual core processors (like my LG G-Slate and my roommate’s Motorola Xoom.)

Not only Android Tablets, but also the Blackberry Playbook and even the HP TouchPad run Amazon Prime videos flawlessly. In fact the only tablet that supports your incorrect statement is YOUR precious iPad. Which doesn’t support Flash.

Thanks. Like the show (I don’t love it.)

Marc in DC

P.S. For God’s sake, Antuan! We already informed you that you were mispronouncing Cyanogen. For the last time, please stop saying Cee-enogen!!

And Damnit, Justin! Open your mouth and correct him when he does it!”


Hi Antuan and Justin,

I hope things are going well. I'm a longtime listener.

Back in May when Justin was away, I emailed in and got the advice to
wait for the Droid Bionic (take a Bionic shot). Two weeks later, my
Droid Eris had a major fail. I ended up getting a HTC Thunderbolt,
which I returned a day later due to the random reboot issue. A week
later, I broke down and got an iPhone (probably like Molly Wood soon).
I'm so, so happy with the stability and battery life, but am very sad
not to have as much Google integration. I'm still listening to you
guys though, love the podcast, and urn for the time when Android
phones will be rock solid stock.

But don't dismiss me yet. I do have a couple of questions on the
Amazon Kindle Fire. I am thinking about getting one. I'm not an Amazon
Prime member and am not really interested in becoming one. I have
Android Market apps but am guessing none will really convert over to
Amazroid software. A tablet appeals to me, but questioning the size,
lack of camera for Skype calls, and maybe the lockout of Pandora and
other services by Amazon.

What do you think about being in two ecosystems? I know you guys have
Android phones. Do either of you own an iPad? Are either of you
planning on getting a Kindle Fire? Why or why not?

Thanks again and take care.

- Stephen


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