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Android Atlas Weekly Ep. 86: Jelly beans, Android sunglasses, and another dang pen phone (Podcast)

Rumor Has It host Karyne Levy joins us as we discuss Android Jelly Bean rumors, the pen-friendly LG Vu, and a couple of crazy Android implementations. Hint: think sunglasses and toothbrushes.

Rumor Has It host Karyne Levy

Rumor Has It host Karyne Levy joins us as we discuss Androids Jelly Bean possibly launching in Q2, the pen-friendly LG Vu which will be on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, and a couple of crazy Android implementations including Google's HUD Glasses and an Android Toothbrush.

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-Android 5.0 ‘Jelly Bean’ launching in Q2? Eh, maybe

-Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is Android@Home

-LG Optimus Vu is official: 5 inches, pen-friendly

-BlackBerry OS 2.0 arrives, supports Android apps, sort of

-Ubuntu for Android: Linux desktop on a smartphone

-Beam brush turns Android into dental coach

-Android-powered Google Glasses: The augmented reality HUD dream is coming

-Google patents Siri-like voice controls for Google TV using Android phones, tablets

-Angry Birds takes off for space March 22



Thanks for addressing my email on the last Android Atlas. While I am not the real Larry David (or the real Stephen Colbert) I do admire their work.

WRT Google disapproving of turning a WiFi only Android phone into a cheap VOIP alternative, I would think that would only apply to the apps like GrooVe iP that try to imitate the free GMail/GTalk implementation. Sipdroid and CSipSimple, and the built in Gingerbread VOIP functionality really have nothing to do with Google Voice other than using Voice to ring your VOIP line. A VOIP line that you would have acquired from a third party.

It wasn’t the perfect solution on my old, slow HTC Hero, but it was a bearable, cheap alternative once you got used to the Satellite Delay effect.

And a warm welcome to Jaymar no matter what his proximity to the mic is.

Happy Androiding – LD


Dear Android Atlas gang,

Just started listening to the podcast a couple weeks ago but am enjoying them very much.
I now look forward to them every week.

I have to admit that the podcasts have benefited greatly from the presence of the lovely and talented Emily Dreyfuss.
Emily’s energy and infectious laugh are a good balance to the low-key, low-volume wisdom of Justin and The New One…..Jaymar is it? :)

In fact, I’m willing to strike a bargain on Emily’s behalf. If she promises to make regular appearances on the podcast I will promise to purchase a new Android phone recommend by the Android Atlas team and act as a volunteer newbie guinea pig. I am a complete Luddite when it comes to consumer technology. I still use the same Nokia cell phone that came with a pre-paid AT&T Go Phone account I started in 2005. I also consider myself the only living American male under 34 that hasn’t watched a YouTube video on his own behalf.

Anyway, it sounds like a win-win situation for all. Google/Android gets a new customer, Android Atlas gets a new smart phone-toting listener, I get a new phone and regular access to the cheerful musings of Ms. Dreyfuss.

Love the show, keep up the good work!



Portland, OR


Hey, Android Atlas
While listening to you guys talk about the pros and cons of using a stylus on the Galaxy Note, I began thinking of a concept for an Android tablet that would stand head-and-shoulders above the iPad in terms of graphic design capabilities. It would be a 10″”-13″” Android tablet designed by Wacom and Adobe. The tablet would be full-featured and have higher-end specs, but would also utilize pen interface technologies like the ones used in Wacom’s Intuos drawing tablets. To complete the package, it would also come preloaded with a full-featured version of Adobe Photoshop that was made specifically for Android, with the option to purchase other Android-optimized Adobe Creative Suite apps online. This concept is just wishful thinking on my part, but I wanted to know what you guys thought about it. Would anyone (including Stephen) consider buying such a device? Do you think it could be successful or even commercially viable if it was priced at or below $700? Do you think an Android tablet with this set of features and design capabilities could be a true competitor to the iPad, and maybe even convert iPad loyalists? And lastly, is it possible to patent this concept and make a ton of cash in the unlikely event that Wacom and Adobe actually joined forces to make a tablet like this?
Love the show,
Adam from Utah


Hey android atlasers:

I was sad to see Antuan leave the show, but on the other hand I’m happy to hear jessica Del Cort. I like her very much. I hope I didn’t muder her name, but I suspect I did. Sorry!

Edgar the Mafia Boss


Justin and Jaymar,

Love the show. Thanks for the news/updates.

I am a T-mobile customer with 16 months left on my contract and I would like to change my LG G2X to another Android phone with a larger screen without loosing 4G speed.
Do you know if I get an unlocked (GSM) Galaxy Nexus or Galaxy Note, and still be able to use 4G on T-mobile network?
Is there any other large screen android phone except Samsung S2 that you can advise?

Keep up the good work and bring Emily back to show more often. she is fun!

- Ali

You could potentially use an unlocked version on T-Mobile, but I can’t vouch that he’ll get the same speed or voice clarity as if the phone were optimized for the network.


Jerry from Toronto says he loves the Chrome Browser. Don’t get too crazy Jerry.

Sam thinks Jessica Dolcourt is a spy for Apple


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