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Android Atlas Weekly 56: Q&A lightning round (Podcast)

Microsoft's wants more money from Android; a new tablet could cost you less money; and a lightning round Q and A session of your questions from Twitter.

Microsoft's wants more money from Android; a new tablet could cost you less money; and a lightning round Q and A session of your questions from Twitter.

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M$ wants $15/Android handset from Samsung$15-per-android-handset/

Motorola, Toshiba Android tablets go below $500$500/

Kyocera’s Echo isn’t as fragile as it seems
CNET Review:

Google Maps gets turn-by-turn transit directions in ver. 5.7 update

Google+ app for Android quietly supports NFC tech

VZW’s all-you-can-eat data ended yesterday

Motorola Droid 3 launches quietly on Verizon

FCC approves Moto Droid Bionic, HTC Evo 3D for T-Mobile

Droid Bionic





HTC EVO 3D for Sprint It’s 3D! Some bits are weird, like the live viewfinder for 3D photos, but it’s also very cool.


I’ve got an Incredible and a XOOM. When I get a new phone, I want to go smaller, not bigger with the screen. Should I get the pro?
I wouldn’t go that small unless you really want a physical keyboard and a lingering Crackberry addiction. Look at the Droid 3 or at least a Droid 2 Global, if you do.

When can we expect more info on the Nexus Prime? And which carrier is getting it?

Probably when we hear more about Ice Cream Sandwich in the Fall. If history is to be trusted, I’d guess the Prime will be a T-Mobile phone, but Google’s been cozying up with Sprint lately, so who knows?

Question for android atlas. What app would you recommend for listening to podcasts? I’ve tried a few different ones, but never been happy with them. Tried rssdemon, and pocketcaster. Any suggestions?

I use Google Listen, but it’s a buggy pain in the ass sometimes.

I have a NS4G and am rooted and running a custom rom. What do I need to do to get ready for the patch that Sprint just anounced?

Nothing. Most custom ROMs won’t even get the OTA, so you’ll have to either go back to a stock ROM or wait for your ROM’s dev to roll the update into the next revision.

Is it easy to change the ringer and have it be different for different callers? What about for sms? epic 4g

If your phone runs Sense or TouchWiz, the contacts manager will let you set custom ringtones for phone contacts (but not Google contacts unless they’re linked to a phone contact). For the rest of you, Ringo Pro and Lite will do the job you’re asking it to do, allowing you to set custom ringtones for calls and SMS for each of your contacts.(market link:

any idea when the samsung captivate (or any galaxy s phone) gets 2.3? Also, any ideas for good root apps (besides titanium)? -CG

Captivate’s 2.3 update is coming “soon,” but who knows what that means. Root apps include ShootMe or other screen capture apps, JuiceDefender Pro gives you more power saving options if you’re rooted. There’s also setCPU for managing power or overclocking, call recorder apps if you’re a spy, ROM Manager if you’re into that sort of thing, Kernel Manager if you’re even more into that sort of thing, ClockworkMod which lets you backup and restore your entire OS–not just the apps–, the list goes on…

can u discuss on the Atlas show Dropbox vs SugarSync pro and con, thanx Dropbox is also closely supported by more apps. For example, Titanium Backup Pro can automatically back your apps up to a Dropbox folder.

I’m not sure if SugarSync Pro does that. They’re both free so there’s no reason you can’t use both.

John F. via facebook
I have a question regarding Android not being able to use with my cars hands free (Cars Kia Sportage 2011 and Nissan Rogue 2011) My wife’s Iphone works on both cars.

I’m able to pair but it does not recognizes when a say dail by name. It works if I dial be number. A apologize for my long question.” “OK! To answer your current question. Android phones do not automatically sync your address book unless you give the handset permission to do so. Shortly after any Bluetooth pairing, you should have gotten a notification or pop up window that asks you if you want to give the hands-free system access to your contacts. If you didn’t click yes here, you won’t be able to voice dial.

Now, if you simply missed this on your first go-round, try unpairing the phone from the handsfree system and repairing it. It sometimes comes and goes pretty quickly, so you’ll have to watch for it for a few seconds after successfully pairing. Be sure to check the “”Remember this setting”" box to allow contacts you add in the future to automatically resync.”


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