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And on day 68: $100 iPhone credit

Steve Jobs read emails and gives up $100 back, right?

And, in case you hadn't heard, in a letter posted on Apple's site, Steve Jobs claims to have read "hundreds" of irate emails regarding the iPhone price drop and is therefore issuing $100 worth of Apple credits to us early adopters. Did he really read all of those emails? Hrmmmm.

While Apple is not under any obligation to do so, it was still nice of them. Now, I know some people will be like why not $200, or why not cash-money. May I repeat, not any obligation to do so. Besides, only us geeky types who are likely to purchase another Apple product in the first place were amongst those first in line, right?

And, after my quick drop-in at the flagship SF Apple store yesterday, I learned that we'll have to wait for those new iPods and iPhone Touch until tomorrow when they are actually at stores...