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And another thing...(about the XPS 700 delay)

And another thing...(about the XPS 700 delay)

Something else occurred to me since I posted about the Dell XPS 700 delay earlier this morning. If you wouldn't receive a system until mid-October, there's a strong likelihood that whatever graphics cards you order now will be out of date by then. ATI and Nvidia's forthcoming DirectX 10 3D cards notwithstanding, Dell hasn't even added Nvidia's GeForce 7950 GX2 cards to its configurator yet, presumably because Dell is waiting for the drivers that would support two of them in a Quad SLI configuration.

Dell is already offering customers who have ordered an XPS 700 with a Pentium D 900-series chips a free upgrade to the equivalently priced and faster Core 2 Duo CPUs. But among other questions we'd like to ask Dell is whether it will offer upgrades for the other parts in the system that might be obsolete by the time the XPS 700 finally ships. A lot of new hardware can hit the market in three months, especially around the holiday buying season.

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