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An unexpected Prizefight: TouchPad vs. PlayBook

The HP TouchPad takes on the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook. Who knew these two would make the greatest of rivals? We did.

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Now, we could have taken the obvious route with our latest tablet Prizefight. The HP TouchPad is the new tablet kid on the block and of course the "on the nose" comparison would be the iPad 2. Less on the nose, but almost as obvious would pit the TouchPad against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Boring, boring, boring! (Incidentally, typing the word "boring" three times in a row doesn't preclude us from making the two aforementioned theoretical comparisons in the future.)

The tablet market is growing beyond Google or Apple-based devices, so we thought it'd be interesting to pit two tablets, not from either of the big two tablet players, against each other. Thanks to some prodding from Donald Bell, we've decided to pit the HP TouchPad against the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook.

So, why these two? First, they're neither Google nor Apple tablets. Second, since on paper these two aren't the most likely of competitors (what with the differences in screen size) it's not a forgone conclusion which would come out on top. And comparing the TouchPad to the iPad 2 or Galaxy Tab 10.1, would likely have some very predictable results, based on the reviews for those two.

No, we went interesting over obvious. It's like choosing Heath Ledger to play the Joker. Not the most obvious choice, but boy did that choice make for an interesting (to say the least) performance. So, what I'm saying is, my hope is for this Prizefight to be as culturally significant as "The Dark Knight." Yes, that's my goal here. I think it can be done.

You can see the video up top, but don't forget to also check out the far more detailed written version of the Prizefight. Enjoy.